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    Nothing gives us more satisfaction than the success of brands to which we have contributed outstanding work. Take a look at some of our proudest achievements.

    From our remarkable past as hologram specialists to our current activities in packaging design, artwork and print management for major FMCG and B2B brands, we have consistently delivered great quality and excellence in everything we do. Here are some highlights that reveal how past projects have shaped our practices and contributed to our growth – and that of our clients.

    Recent work

    The one-stop shop in action: Our recent projects illustrate how we apply our expertise, resources and capabilities.

    Leffe New Visual Brand Identity

    Since the end of 2017, K has been working closely together with AB-InBev on a project that is massive in scope: the implementation of Leffe’s new visual brand identity (VBI) at all levels of packaging. The new look and feel of the brand was launched 18 months ago, and since that time we have been in charge of developing approximately 250 artworks for some 18 variants across 4 distinct ranges, applied to a diverse range of materials on nearly all available packaging formats – including cans, bottles, shrinks and carton packs – for distribution throughout the entire world.

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    O-I Market Trends

    O–I continues to lead the glass packaging market with innovation and design. The Market Trends section of its newly launched online glass catalogue provides a glimpse into the company’s strategic vision for its clients. O–I approached us to produce the visuals for this section, which involved creative direction, staging, props, food styling and photography. Each visual was aimed at illustrating a specific trend from a set of future trends O–I had identified for the glass market, including sensory and indulgence, individualism, and health and wellness.

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    Tropicana PET bottles

    As Tropicana transitions toward a more vibrant and active brand personality, the decision was made to move from its iconic carton packs to a new transparent PET bottle, marking a major change in the way consumers would interact with the product. The bottle, made from 50% recycled material, is also recyclable, reinforcing sustainable brand values. At the same time, Tropicana’s visual identity was completely revised and a holistic design was developed for all of Europe.

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    IOM MHPSS Manual

    The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is the leading intergovernmental organization in the field of migration. Its mission is to ensure humane and orderly migration for the benefit of migrants and society. The organization supports migration at many levels, promoting international cooperation on migration issues and providing humanitarian assistance to migrants in need.

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    O-I Design Book

    We put our interdisciplinary expertise and extensive network of resources to use on this project for our long-standing client O-I, the world's leading glass bottle manufacturer. The Design Book is a global showcase of O-I’s most unique and stunning achievements in glass...

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    O-I : Expressions

    O-I has developed O-I : EXPRESSIONS, a service that offers fast and flexible customization on smaller volumes. Enabled by direct-to-glass digital printing, O-I turns glass packaging into multidimensional works of art, using custom colours and 3D textures to give brands a full range of expression. This unique initiative endows glass with a marketing agility that was until now only available through other media or materials, providing infinite opportunities for promotional branding activities, limited editions and even special language versions.

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    Opteon™ Refrigerants

    Opteon™ is a portfolio of sustainable, high-performance fluorochemicals with low global warming potential (GWP) produced by Chemours. Developed in response to an increasing demand for cleaner, greener alternatives, Opteon™ products are used in residential and commercial refrigeration applications, allowing them to meet stricter environmental standards.

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    Lipton Green Ice Tea Redesign

    Following the redesign of Lipton Green Ice tea, K was assigned the packaging adaptation and production for five flavours: original, mint lime, jasmine, lychee, and lemon & citrus. In doing so, we had to keep a close eye on many variables, including the specifications of each printer, the number of colours, and the mandatory colours shared by all the variants for the labels, shrinks and other packaging types. The design featured real fruit images, and the objective in terms of print quality was to achieve the same shelf impact with the same number of colours.

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    Lesaffre is a multinational and multicultural company with a long-standing history of producing yeasts for baking and other applications. Today, the company continues to pursue manufacturing, research and development in several areas within its global mission of enhancing human, animal and plant health and nutrition.

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    Radler is a highly refreshing mix of beer and fruit juice, already popular in many parts of the world. As the preferred beer brand in Luxembourg, Diekirch decided to launch its own lemon-lime version in 2016. With consumers growing more mindful about their alcohol consumption, Radler offers them a lower-alcohol beer alternative – and more occasions to enjoy Diekirch.

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    O-I Vins Sud-Ouest Brochure

    O-I is the world's leading glass container manufacturer, active on a global scale. A well-respected, long-standing client at K, O-I has entrusted us with the development of its communication materials since 2008. One such assignment was to produce a sales folder presenting the company’s entire range of wine bottles for South West France. With key manufacturing sites located near the major wine growing areas in France, O-I has a strong appreciation of the traditions of the sector and a deep understanding of its needs, making it an ideal partner for the region, capable of serving all of its needs.

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    With the imminent kick off of the UEFA European football championship, K had no time to waste in getting the promotional packaging and POS materials ready for Jupiler. We had just two months to create a highly visible presence for the brand everywhere in Belgium, and abroad by extension, through the use of Jupiler branded items in other geographies by consumers on the move.

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    Tropicana Carton Pack Process Simplification

    As one of many actors in our clients’ supply chains, efficiency is an ongoing concern. When unnecessary complexity was identified in the Tropicana carton pack process, it was up to us to eliminate the duplication of certain activities – in this case, the double round of approval needed on colour proofs from K and the carton pack supplier.


    Diamant Boart, part of the Swedish company Husqvarna, is a leading producer and distributor of diamond tools widely used in construction. Although Husqvarna usually works with a local agency, it needed a reliable, flexible partner in Belgium to help with small, urgent requests and tactical projects on an ad hoc basis. Husqvarna’s Belgian representative approached K to produce packaging in small quantities for its sales force to present at local events in Belgium, such as trade fairs.

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    O-I Vinexpo

    The launch of Helix by O-I and Amorim, the world’s biggest producer of cork stoppers, signalled the emergence of a true innovation. This ergonomically designed cork is the first of its kind on the market, offering several unique advantages. It is screwed into a glass bottle, where it is secured by a spiral thread inside the neck of the bottle, creating an airtight seal. The cork can then be conveniently twisted open – still with the classic ‘pop’, but without the corkscrew. Resealing the bottle is just as easy. The taste preservation and sustainability of Helix are just some of the additional benefits of this new solution for still wines.

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    Arconic was renamed and launched as a standalone company in November 2016. Formerly known as Alcoa, the company has a long-standing history of developing and manufacturing innovative engineering products for the aerospace and automotive industries.

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    Knauf Insulation approached us to work on the design and communication elements for Homeseal System, a total air sealing solution featuring a range of components. Due to the highly complex nature of the product, the usage instructions for the components and the product logistics and distribution, the main challenge in developing the materials was to ensure that all the information would be accessible and easy to understand.

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    The makers of e-nergy approached us to develop packaging and communication materials for its new electronic cigarette brand. e-nergy has several unique, technologically advanced features, such as a small ceramic part that stops the flavour liquid from coming into contact with the heating element, which prevents unpleasant ‘dry hits’. It also has vape while charging capability. And unlike with other e-cigarettes, there is no need to press a button to activate the battery before taking a puff from the cartridge. Based on these benefits, the objective was to position e-nergy as an innovative product, superior to the many others already on the market.

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    At the beginning of 2011, our client O-I, the world's leading glass container manufacturer, came with a novel request: to develop and launch Leading@O-I, an organisational platform for HR in the form of an interactive brochure. As always, we were eager to take on the challenge, even though it would mean working double the hours to coordinate our work with other teams in different time zones around the globe (Switzerland, the U.S. and Peru). And as usual, we found ways to make everything work.

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    Soubry Haver/Avoine

    To address the wants of increasingly health-conscious consumers, Soubry decided to launch an oat pasta range alongside its existing whole grain and regular pastas. This new product required a special packaging design that would fit in seamlessly with the other ranges while remaining distinctive and communicating its unique positioning. The key to visualising the new product on pack was to create a window that lets the product show through.

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    Soubry Football Promotion

    Although it was not an official sponsor of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, leading Belgian pasta brand Soubry wanted to get in on the action. It was an opportunity to create positive synergies and generate excitement around the brand by riding the wave of this major football event, like many other consumer brands were doing.

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    Change was in the air for Hertog Jan, a traditional Dutch beer in the AB InBev portfolio. Following the decision to revitalise the brand, the redesign was assigned to one agency and the artwork to K. Although we did not work on the creative part of the relaunch, the artwork delivery on its own presented enough challenges and complexity to keep our hands more than full.

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    Landewyck is a company in Luxembourg with a large brand portfolio, active in a broad range of sectors including tobacco, electronic cigarettes, printing and engineering. It is also a leader in distribution, servicing petrol stations and convenience stores across Luxembourg and Belgium. Realising there was an opportunity to sell privately owned or its own products through its own distribution channels, Landewyck decided to launch new products under one of its brands, Meubert.

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    The domestic launch of LIFEWTR in the US was one of our most prestigious – and challenging – projects to date. LIFEWTR is a premium water brand from our long-standing client PepsiCo. This time, they came to us with bold, colourful designs for us to transform into premium, printable graphics of the highest quality for packaging.

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    Past stories

    Our past says a lot about who we are today. Here are some revealing highlights from our 35-year history.

    P&G Mock-Ups

    As a client, P&G was a turning point for the agency back in the 1980s and critical to our learning curve. One of the world’s best known FMCG giants, P&G is constantly in need of high-quality physical packaging samples for advertising, research, sales meetings and internal design presentations. Many of their global home care brands have passed through our doors over the years, emerging as mock-up stars ready to take the stage in TV spots, print ads and other scenarios.

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    Swarovski Project

    Swarovski crystal is known worldwide for its sparkling brilliance. What better way to enhance a specialty beer glass than with crystal gemstones from this leading global producer? This was the idea that sparked the collaboration between Swarovski and AB InBev on the Stella Artois chalice, a proprietary glass specifically designed for tasting this premium beer. The glass itself was adorned with Swarovski crystal gemstones to create a bejewelled object of high value – the centrepiece of a major promotional campaign addressed to recipients all over the world.

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    Omega Olympic Games

    On the occasion of the Olympic Games, Swiss luxury watchmaker Omega prepares a gift pack to be sent out to selected guests. In 2012 and 2014, it was an opportunity for K to have a hand in the creation of something special, an object linking the prestige of the event to the brand. Omega’s precision ties in naturally with Olympic sports, where timing is critical to determining the competitor’s scores. Quality and perfection at the most detailed level were therefore key considerations throughout the execution of this project.

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    Tynex® Box

    DuPont produces its Tynex® brand of specialised filaments for application in different types of brushes for oral and personal care, such as toothbrushes and make-up brushes. As tools for personal health and hygiene, it important to be able to inspect them closely and evaluate their suitability from all angles. This was the goal of the Tynex box, a lightweight presentation box for field representatives.

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