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  • O-I @ Vinexpo 2015

    Type of work: Pillar displays at the airport
    Date: April to May 2015
    Markets: France Client: O-I

    The launch of Helix by O-I and Amorim, the world’s biggest producer of cork stoppers, signalled the emergence of a true innovation. This ergonomically designed cork is the first of its kind on the market, offering several unique advantages. It is screwed into a glass bottle, where it is secured by a spiral thread inside the neck of the bottle, creating an airtight seal. The cork can then be conveniently twisted open – still with the classic ‘pop’, but without the corkscrew. Resealing the bottle is just as easy. The taste preservation and sustainability of Helix are just some of the additional benefits of this new solution for still wines.


    Having conducted negotiations with the Bordeaux airport for the use of 25 pillars in the entry hall, we created a campaign concept based on the consistency and continuity of the brand image. At every phase, from artwork, simulations and 3D plans to the final HD PDFs for print, our production focus was to generate visuals that would convey the originality, innovation and sophistication of Helix as a packaging solution. A poster display was developed in a format that would wrap around the entire pillar, with a total of 25 different posters – one for each unique wine, and all of them featuring Helix as a common theme.

    By the time Vinexpo, a major international wine and spirits exhibition, rolled around in 2015, Helix had been picked up by 25 different wines. K’s task was to showcase these wines to passers-by at Bordeaux airport, some of them participants arriving for the event. Our objective was to communicate that the innovation was doing well in the market, increase awareness, and attract even more prospects, which would further expand the reach of Helix in the realm of wine packaging.

    Our in-house photo studio provided much of the expertise for the detailed visual work on this project, which required balanced reflections and consistent lighting, transparency and shadows on each of the different glass bottles. In the retouching phase, we ensured that each bottle, neck, label and cork was perfectly straight, in line and in focus. The final displays were a collection of striking, premium images, forming a stunning exhibit for Helix that also celebrated the wines and promoted glass as a highly attractive and sustainable option in packaging.