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  • Tynex® Box

    Type of work: Sales kit
    Date: 2012
    Markets: EMEA
    Client: DuPont de Nemours


    DuPont produces its Tynex® brand of specialised filaments for application in different types of brushes for oral and personal care, such as toothbrushes and make-up brushes. As tools for personal health and hygiene, it is important to be able to inspect them closely and evaluate their suitability from all angles.

    This was the goal of the Tynex box, a lightweight presentation box for field representatives. The objective was to develop a practical case that would be easy to transport and display the entire range of filaments, with a focus on aesthetics and functionality. The ideal solution: a sample box that could evolve over time, and accommodate and display all the new variants as they were produced.

    K developed and designed the sample box entirely in-house, and ensured a close follow-up of the production process. Throughout the project, we conducted several tests with mock-ups in order to address various technical issues, such as optimising the dimensions of the box to house an assortment of filaments of different sizes, shapes and colours. The filaments had to be precisely counted, measured and placed; this was a factor in the architecture of the box during the design phase.

    High quality materials and printing ensured a premium, visually attractive finished result. The boxes were delivered flat packed along with a complete model – an assembled kit including all the filaments in their respective positions. The sleek design of the presentation box enhances the brand image, communicates quality and inspires confidence in the product. It encourages customers to get closer to the products, to touch and connect with them. This tactile experience is one of the keys to successful sales in this industry. The Tynex ® box was so well received by the brand that it was later reapplied for use by other DuPont brands and was featured at the Interbrush trade show.