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  • Tropicana PET bottles

    Type of work: Switch from carton packs to new PET bottle/redesign
    Date: October 2018
    Markets: Europe
    Client: PepsiCo


    As Tropicana transitions toward a more vibrant and active brand personality, the decision was made to move from its iconic carton packs to a new transparent PET bottle, marking a major change in the way consumers would interact with the product. The bottle, made from 50% recycled material, is also recyclable, reinforcing sustainable brand values. At the same time, Tropicana’s visual identity was completely revised and a holistic design was developed for all of Europe.

    K was excited to participate in this very important transition. Our task was to adapt the files to the technical constraints of the label printer while ensuring consistency across the entire range. We adapted our print proofs to the profile of the printer supplier, working hand in hand with them to issue a print test, which allowed us to achieve the best possible result while managing all the expectations of the printed result. We also attended the first print run in order to set standards for the whole range.

    The final result has strong shelf impact and effectively communicates the brand’s innovative, fresh and appealing character. The use of neckshrinks on the cap and the new fruit compositions has helped improve the differentiation between the flavours and blends. The pressure sensitive labels – which were new for us and for Tropicana – proved their worth as a versatile and flexible solution with a premium look. And the excellent print quality enhances the authenticity and vitality of the real fruit in the visuals.