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  • Stella Artois Swarovski Chalice

    Type of work: Gift box production, logistics
    Date: July – December 2013
    Markets: Worldwide

    Swarovski crystal is known worldwide for its sparkling brilliance. What better way to enhance a premium beer glass than with crystal gemstones from this leading global producer? This was the idea that sparked the collaboration between Swarovski and AB InBev on the Stella Artois chalice, a proprietary glass specifically designed for tasting this premium beer. The glass itself was adorned with Swarovski crystal gemstones to create a bejewelled object of high value – the centrepiece of a major promotional campaign addressed to recipients all over the world.


    This was a resource-intense, detail-oriented project on which K provided a multitude of services across the board, from design and production to handling, logistics and follow-up. We coordinated a complex operational chain beginning with the glasses, which were ordered by AB InBev and made in Turkey. Then the crystals were ordered, manufactured in Austria and mounted onto the glass in the Czech Republic. Next, the glasses were sent to Belgium for handling before being shipped out to their final global destinations.

    In terms of design and production, our task was to create an attractive gift box that would do justice to this luxury item, displaying it in its best light while protecting it from breakage during shipping. With the look and feel of the product in mind, we developed a box in white leather and a discreet black sleeve that would keep the magnetic closure from opening during transport and protect the white leather surface. We then finalised the print files and ensured production follow-up. Lastly, we created and produced a gift tag to be inserted into the chalice.

    Manual assembly was also assigned to K: quality control, inspecting the crystals and the silver décor on the rim of the glass, attaching a tag to the stem of the chalice, inserting the gift tag, polishing the glass, positioning it inside the jewel box, and sliding the sleeve around the box to create a proper seal. The final phase was to ship the gift boxes all over the world, which required us to take out a special insurance policy against theft and breakage, and to track and follow up on all the shipments to check whether each chalice had reached its final destination and was received by the right person. We also had to ensure compliance with all the European and international import regulations for objects of value, which was a substantial administrative task. The key to the success of this project was the efficient interaction between all the different service departments at K, our flexibility in terms of working hours while collaborating with a team in Europe and clients in the US, and our ability to source the best suppliers for this complex project – such as the artisan in Antwerp who crafted the gift boxes in his tiny workshop. We had our client’s full trust in performing highly detailed tasks and exercising extremely care in handling the high volume of breakable objects, not a single one of which was broken. We received not only our client’s sincere appreciation for our efforts – a beautiful chalice was also gifted to each member of the team for a fantastic job.