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  • Stella Artois Redesign

    Type of work: Artwork implementation and design adaptation
    Date: January 2015 - present (including packaging and POS adaptation for Eastern Europe)
    Markets: World

    Stella Artois, AB InBev’s flagship premium beer, was due for a global packaging redesign. The original design, created by a UK agency, had not changed since a 2009 and needed an infusion of contemporary style that would do justice to the iconic status of Stella Artois as a sophisticated heritage beer brand.

    Once we received representative SKUs for all the markets and their individual pack shapes, sizes, legal requirements and languages, our assignment was to implement the design into all the artworks.

    For this considerable task, we had to coordinate a multitude of project partners across the world, since the regulatory requirements for alcoholic beverages and design codes are different in each country. In fact, there were so many people involved that we found ourselves gradually becoming the key contact for all the stakeholders on the project worldwide, including the global and individual country project managers and the printers. As always, this was a role we took on with confidence and dedication.

    Our technical knowledge was put to the test in creating the files according to the technical specifications of all the printers in the world, providing follow-up and technical assistance, and approving all the artworks. Since each market has its own packs and additional products within the range, it was critical to ensure colour consistency across all markets. To this end, we developed a colour kit to assist printers and guarantee consistency across all printing substrates for the entire world. In many cases, our presence was required on site to define and calibrate the colours.

    Overall, the Stella Artois global redesign was an extremely rewarding project that highlighted the need for tight account coordination, given the vast number of people and markets involved and the high volume of artwork. The scope of the project required us to work autonomously and accept a great deal of responsibility and initiative – which is in any case our preferred way of working.