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  • Soubry Football Promotion

    Type of work: Packaging design, artwork and prepress
    Date: November 2015 (packaging), April 2016 (POS)
    Market: Belgium

    Although it was not an official sponsor of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, leading Belgian pasta brand Soubry wanted to get in on the action. It was an opportunity to create positive synergies and generate excitement around the brand by riding the wave of this major football event, like many other consumer brands were doing.

    The key element in the marketing mix for this promotion was the packaging design. The brief was to create a game that could be featured on the back of the pack that would attract consumers in an interactive and engaging way, with the objective of boosting short-term sales. With this in mind, we invented several games and presented three of them to Mr Soubry, who felt every bit as enthusiastic about our proposals as we did. For the packaging design, our solution was to develop a layout with illustrations of pasta shaped like a goal, a whistle, a ball and a player, which was our fun, light-hearted approach to linking Soubry to FIFA and the world of football. After the design approval, we handled the artwork and prepress and delivered production files for the pack and promotional posters. The pack performed very well in shops, with a significant increase in sales, and the promotion was so successful that it was extended by a month.