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  • Soubry Haver/Avoine

    Type of work: Packaging design, artwork and prepress
    Date: August 2016
    Markets: Belgium

    To address the wants of increasingly health-conscious consumers, Soubry decided to launch an oat pasta range alongside its existing whole grain and regular pastas. This new product required a special packaging design that would fit in seamlessly with the other ranges while remaining distinctive and communicating its unique positioning. The key to visualising the new product on pack was to create a window that lets the product show through.

    One important distinguishing attribute of the new oat pasta is its cholesterol lowering property – a functional benefit that was also to be communicated on pack. At the same time, the product had to steer clear of the ‘healthy’ positioning of the existing whole grain range.

    We proceeded through the key elements of the design: image search and selection of the main visual (oat field); selection of specific colours to define the oat range within the overall brand architecture; creation of a heart pictogram to communicate the ‘cholesterol lowering’ message; and definition of the shape for the product window. Then we focused on achieving the optimal balance between all the elements in the layout. The new pack successfully meets all the design objectives, fitting in perfectly with other Soubry product ranges yet clearly communicating its USP with a fresh, colourful and attractive print result.