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  • Procter & Gamble Samples and Mockups

    Type of work: Physical mock-ups
    Date: Since 1986
    Markets: Various geographies including France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, UK

    As a client, P&G was a turning point for the agency back in the 1980s and critical to our learning curve. One of the world’s best known FMCG giants, P&G is constantly in need of high-quality physical packaging samples for advertising, research, sales meetings and internal design presentations. Many of their global home care brands have passed through our doors over the years, emerging as mock-up stars ready to take the stage in TV spots, print ads and other scenarios.

    The one thing these assignments have all had in common is that they needed to be turned around as quickly as possible. While working within such short timeframes is always challenging, it keeps us thinking on our feet and perfecting our methods. At this level, we consider outstanding mock-up construction as a meticulous craft.

    It’s customary for our team to produce a few mock-ups in-house with the skills and resources on hand. For larger volumes, K collaborates with experienced printing houses that are capable of producing at the same quality, flexibility and speed as we do. Until now, there have been no limits – we accept orders for any quantity, at reasonable budgets.

    Relying on all of our expertise and ingenuity, we have been known to apply off-the-cuff techniques to solve specific problems. We can create a machine-finished look and other enhancements using the tools at our disposal. Our in-house printing machines can produce a sample with a polished look from two-white mock-up files and also prints labels on silver substrate. Whether we make five or 5,000, each one is a jewel and a token of exceptional workmanship.