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  • Opteon™ Refrigerants

    Type of work: Design, photography, artwork and print
    Date: 2018-2019
    Markets: Europe
    Client: Chemours

    Opteon™ is a portfolio of sustainable, high-performance fluorochemicals with low global warming potential (GWP) produced by Chemours. Developed in response to an increasing demand for cleaner, greener alternatives, Opteon™ products are used in residential and commercial refrigeration applications, allowing them to meet stricter environmental standards.

    For the brand’s marketing campaign, K created a concept based on the Opteon™ brand promise. Our focus was to generate visuals that would highlight the brand’s innovation, environmental sustainability, safety and performance. In terms of layout, we implemented the Opteon logo graphics in the text box in order to reinforce the brand communication, with colours progressing from cool to cooler. The technical colour scheme – bright white, blue-greys and contrasting black – give the images consistency across the campaign. The final set of visuals tells Opteon’s story of a colder, cleaner and more efficient world.