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  • Omega Olympic Games Projects

    Type of work: Gift packs
    Date: 2012, 2014
    Markets: Global

    On the occasion of the Olympic Games, Swiss luxury watchmaker Omega prepares a gift pack to be sent out to selected guests. In 2012 and 2014, it was an opportunity for K to have a hand in the creation of something special, an object linking the prestige of the event to the brand. Omega’s precision ties in naturally with Olympic sports, where timing is critical to determining the competitor’s scores. Quality and perfection at the most detailed level were therefore key considerations throughout the execution of this project.

    For the 2012 Olympic Games in London, K produced a photobook with images of different athletic performances, moments and memories of the Games. Following this came the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, for which we created the gift pack containing a ‘valenki’, a Russian traditional seamless boot made of wool felt. These gifts are a vehicle for impactful brand communication, reinforcing the brand image and enhancing its premium character. They add meaning to the brand in the context of the Games and their unique location. They are also an important CRM tool that lets Omega’s customers and distributors know they are valued and appreciated.

    As always, the production of each gift pack presents its own unforeseen technical issues, challenging us to find spontaneous solutions. For example, we applied thermal adhesive stickers by hand onto the Russian boots to mask a number written in permanent blue ink – an extremely tedious yet ultimately rewarding task. The London photobook was executed to a similarly premium standard, which can be seen and felt in the outstanding quality of the printing and binding. Each pack includes a box, a commemorative object, a personalised letter and an inner wrapping, all exquisitely constructed and assembled. All of our manual adjustments, our attention to the smallest details and the finishing touches raise the quality level of the final result, giving it all the specialness of a gift and creating memories for the recipient. We also handled the mailing on these projects – right down to the last address label, printed in the Omega house style.