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  • O-I Market Trends

    Type of work: Art direction, styling, photography
    Date: 2017-2018
    Markets: Europe
    Client: O-I

    O–I continues to lead the glass packaging market with innovation and design. The Market Trends section of its newly launched online glass catalogue provides a glimpse into the company’s strategic vision for its clients. O–I approached us to produce the visuals for this section, which involved creative direction, staging, props, food styling and photography. Each visual was aimed at illustrating a specific trend from a set of future trends O–I had identified for the glass market, including sensory and indulgence, individualism, and health and wellness.

    We began with a proposal for the sensorial look and feel of the overall Market Trends section. Using storyboards, we developed a deeper context for each trend and created a mood to express the different ideas and sensations. With his vast skills in lighting and composition, our in-house photographer conjured up special indoor and outdoor atmospheres in locations such as bars, restaurants and gardens, where the unique benefits of glass – superior taste, health, sustainability and quality – could be displayed in the most inspiring and evocative way. Fictional branding is used in the visuals across the categories of spirits, beer, wine, food and non-alcoholic beverages.

    With this project, O–I gave us a lot of freedom and flexibility to explore our own ideas. At the same time, we succeeded in maintaining strong consistency throughout all the visuals. It was a pleasure for us to deploy our strategic and creative skills as a team to produce these magnificent photos, which have since then also been used in marketing materials.