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  • O-I : Expressions

    Type of work: Design, photography, artwork and print
    Date: 2018-2019
    Markets: Europe
    Client: O-I

    O-I has developed O-I : EXPRESSIONS, a service that offers fast and flexible customization on smaller volumes. Enabled by direct-to-glass digital printing, O-I turns glass packaging into multidimensional works of art, using custom colours and 3D textures to give brands a full range of expression. This unique initiative endows glass with a marketing agility that was until now only available through other media or materials, providing infinite opportunities for promotional branding activities, limited editions and even special language versions.


    Our task was to create the communication materials for O-I : EXPRESSIONS, from photography to artwork and printing. The goal was to demonstrate the versatility of O-I : EXPRESSIONS and inspire customers. We wanted to show everything that can be achieved with different artistic styles, colour schemes, imagery, and more. We also felt it was important to let the final results speak for themselves. By maintaining a minimalist style for the layout and bilingual copy, we allowed the samples to show off their individuality and character, underscoring the artistic appeal of O-I’s highly customised approach.

    But the shining achievement here is the photography, flawlessly executed in house. We focused on presenting the clean lines of the shapes, the depth and expressiveness of the colours, and the vast creative potential realised in glass. The simple, coloured rectangles in the brochure are the perfect contrast and counterpart to the photos, framing the text while creating playful visual transparencies and reinforcing the premium glass theme. Overall, this project was an excellent opportunity for K to showcase its strengths in concept, photography and graphic design.