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  • O-I Design Book

    Type of work: Design, photography, artwork and print
    Date: 2017-2018
    Market: International
    Client: O-I

    We put our interdisciplinary expertise and extensive network of resources to use on this project for our long-standing client O-I, the world's leading glass bottle manufacturer. The Design Book is a global showcase of O-I’s most unique and stunning achievements in glass. The entire volume is dedicated to glass design and glass designers – the unheralded artists who bring the beauty and unmatched functionality of O-I products to life. From concept to the final printed book, our objective was to showcase the endless ways that O-I has used glass over the years to effectively communicate brand values and brand character while combining artistry, creativity and innovation into a single utilitarian, everyday object.

    Taking cues from the design intention of the bottles, we set up the individual shots to highlight the specific characteristics, functional benefits and artistic qualities of each one. Our in-house photographer relied on his instincts and decades of experience for the challenging task of setting up the lighting, backlighting and background to capture the clarity of the glass, the premiumness of the products, the desired reflections and sophisticated mood. The final photos reveal all the distinctive textures, colours and shapes and enhance the sculpted look and feel of the bottles.

    We designed a simple yet effective layout to accentuate the products. Graphic interest was achieved by placing the visuals at contrasting angles, showing the bottles from different perspectives and using colour temperatures, depth and brightness for added contrast. The final look and feel of the Design Book relies heavily on the tactile features of the glass itself, providing readers with a sensory experience across the diverse product ranges while presenting a coherent platform for O-I’s vision and mastery of glass creation and production.