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  • O-I Vins Sud-Ouest Brochure

    Type of work: Sales material
    Date: October 2015 – February 2016
    Markets: France
    Client: Marie-Laure Susset, Brand & External Communications Manager, Europe

    O-I is the world's leading glass container manufacturer, active on a global scale. A well-respected, long-standing client at K, O-I has entrusted us with the development of its communication materials since 2008. One such assignment was to produce a sales folder presenting the company’s entire range of wine bottles for South West France. With key manufacturing sites located near the major wine growing areas in France, O-I has a strong appreciation of the traditions of the sector and a deep understanding of its needs, making it an ideal partner for the region, capable of serving all of its needs.

    The objective of the sales folder was to present the world of glass products for wine with the full expression of O-I’s passion for wine professionals and consumers, while also sharing product information in the form of brochures, flyers and leaflets.

    We developed the complete structure and layout for the sales folder and the visual identity and product visualisation for each of the wine bottle ranges. For the design, we applied the visual codes of the brand identity and O-I’s values: quality, authenticity, tradition and innovation. These values largely mirror those of the wine sector, bringing O-I and wine professionals closer together. As a communication tool, the information needed to be clear and concise, allowing the qualities and characteristics of each standard range to stand out. We also took this into consideration in adapting the brochure copy, which we rewrote from rough drafts. The last stage was to deliver the final artwork for the folder to be printed in France.

    Despite having to complete the entire project within a very short timeframe, we achieved an outstanding result: a folder with a clean, modern aesthetic that reflects the high quality standards of O-I, communicates its message of purity and authenticity, and shows each wine bottle range in its best light.