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    Type of work: Logo/new visual identity, packaging, website
    Date: 2015
    Markets: Luxembourg

    Landewyck is a company in Luxembourg with a large brand portfolio, active in a broad range of sectors including tobacco, electronic cigarettes, printing and engineering. It is also a leader in distribution, servicing petrol stations and convenience stores across Luxembourg and Belgium. Realising there was an opportunity to sell privately owned or its own products through its own distribution channels, Landewyck decided to launch new products under one of its brands, Meubert. To begin with, several new SKUs – waffles and other baked goods – were to be launched for distribution in convenience stores and petrol stations.

    This was the ideal moment to revitalise the brand image with a new visual identity. Meubert dates back to 1947. A fixture in Luxembourg kitchens, it produces a range of basic cooking ingredients such as starches, breadcrumbs, semolina, rice flour, tapioca flour and pearl barley. Curiously, the packaging for these products had not changed one bit since the day they were launched.

    The brief was to create a new logo that would tell a unique story, stay true to the spirit of Meubert and retain the vintage look of the 50s. The design needed to be flexible enough to adapt to any new products that may be introduced later under the same brand. At the same time, we wanted to achieve a consistent look across the range and an intuitive system for the brand architecture.

    The idea for the brand story was based on the three brothers who fulfilled their childhood dream of building Meubert into a successful family business. Michel, Eugène and Albert became the charming heroes of the new packaging design as well as the multilingual website, which we also developed.

    Once the logo was finalised and approved, we set about creating new the look and feel: an ownable wordmark and typography, colour codes for the product ranges, and a simple, fun and youthful brand universe. In doing so, we felt it was important to maintain the human side of the brand as it originally began: with a simple, approachable character, rooted in home cooking and artisanal quality.

    Our in-house photo studio provided much of the expertise for the detailed visual work on this project, which required balanced reflections and consistent lighting, transparency and shadows on each of the different glass bottles. In the retouching phase, we ensured that each bottle, neck, label and cork was perfectly straight, in line and in focus. The final displays were a collection of striking, premium images, forming a stunning exhibit for Helix that also celebrated the wines and promoted glass as a highly attractive and sustainable option in packaging.