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  • Leffe New Visual Brand Identity

    Type of work: Design adaptation, artwork implementation, colour management, print feasibility, mock-ups, photography, final artwork, prepress and print
    Date: 2017 – present
    Markets: International
    Client: AB-InBev

    Since the end of 2017, K has been working closely together with AB-InBev on a project that is massive in scope: the implementation of Leffe’s new visual brand identity (VBI) at all levels of packaging. The new look and feel of the brand was launched 18 months ago, and since that time we have been in charge of developing approximately 250 artworks for some 18 variants across 4 distinct ranges, applied to a diverse range of materials on nearly all available packaging formats – including cans, bottles, shrinks and carton packs – for distribution throughout the entire world.

    We set up a dedicated team to handle this major packaging relaunch and dispatched a representative to spend the initial phase on site at AB-InBev to get things up and running. Partnering closely with all stakeholders from design to print, our task was to advise our client on print feasibility while striving for optimal results. At the same time, we cooperated with the creative agency in order to ensure the best possible execution of the creative idea behind the redesign.

    Leffe Leffe

    Our work involved the selection, development, testing and calibration of about 20 colours with different pack mat suppliers. We then collaborated with the printers to execute the print runs and define the colours and finishings prior to approval for large-scale production. The scope of our responsibilities included colour qualification, colour management, print evaluation, guidance, and print run assistance.

    During this project, we saw a great opportunity to implement a new process using lab values to ensure consistency. We also developed numerous mock-ups for use at conventions, photo and video shoots, and for creating other visuals.

    K further supported Leffe’s new VBI through our involvement in several creative projects, including specific illustrations for limited editions, the strategic composition of packs featuring promotional or specific claims, and colour research for innovative variants such as Leffe Rouge and Leffe 0.0.

    Two years on, as we finalise the last artworks for the remaining continents and start on the POS development, we look back proudly on this experience, which challenged us in terms of organisation, coordination, creativity and strategy and allowed us to set new standards for the brand.