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  • Knauf Insulation - Homeseal System

    Type of work: Communication materials, technical data sheets, pictograms, packaging
    Date: 2015
    Markets: Europe, US
    Client: Knauf Insulation

    Knauf Insulation approached us to work on the design and communication elements for Homeseal System, a total air sealing solution featuring a range of components. Due to the highly complex nature of the product, the usage instructions for the components and the product logistics and distribution, the main challenge in developing the materials was to ensure that all the information would be accessible and easy to understand. We also needed to streamline the product information for the various markets, implementing everything in 23 languages. We therefore focused on creating an absolutely clear design with very intuitive communication using pictograms while keeping the design consistent across all components, technical data sheets and communication tools.

    Forming a close team with the client, technicians and suppliers, we analysed the requirements for this project in order to define our strategy. We were also invited to visit the production facilities so that we could acquire a deeper understanding of the entire process for each type of material in the range, get to know the logistics, identify any weak areas and find solutions. With our extensive experience in packaging design and production, we were then able to develop a design that works within the technical constraints of each supplier while remaining in line with the basic look and feel of the product.

    Dynamic 3D visualisations were produced for each communication element using 3D Studio Max. This allowed us to achieve extremely precise results down to the millimetre, with the option of viewing the entire image or zooming in on specific parts. Input from the technical product manager was extremely valuable in helping us achieve the most perfect and realistic rendering possible.

    What started out as a very complicated, technical project gradually became clear and simple as we developed the hierarchy of information and optimised the product logistics. We received very positive feedback from the client on the final results. The strong synergies within our team, reinforced through regular meetings between the project and product managers, the 3D designer, our project leader and the client’s copywriter, were a critical factor in the success of this project.