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  • Husqvarna – Diamant Board

    Type of work: Packaging, mock-ups, pack shots
    Date: 2011 - present
    Markets: Europe, US
    Client: Husqvarna

    Diamant Boart, part of the Swedish company Husqvarna, is a leading producer and distributor of diamond tools widely used in construction. Although Husqvarna usually works with a local agency, it needed a reliable, flexible partner in Belgium to help with small, urgent requests and tactical projects on an ad hoc basis. Husqvarna’s Belgian representative approached K to produce packaging in small quantities for its sales force to present at local events in Belgium, such as trade fairs.


    We conduct feasibility studies and come up with technical solutions for producing packaging that fulfils both aesthetic and structural requirements. We then implement the results into artwork for printable packaging. One important consideration is the weight and type of carton for the pack, which needs to be eco-friendly yet sturdy enough to hold very heavy blades without tearing.

    Other services we provide to Husqvarna include 3D simulations, realistic mock-ups, pack shots, and on-site first print run assistance to define and calibrate the colours. We also perform a key role in terms of quality control, acting as a production consultant for packs from other sources, such as China. We intervene wherever necessary to manage colours issues or to ensure the correct use of substrates, die cutting, finishing, or other critical aspects.

    Working within short time frames always requires close and efficient collaboration with our client, who appreciates having K as a reliable, agile partner on the ground.