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  • Hertog Jan Redesign

    Type of work: Design implementation, artwork development and proofing, POS material
    Date: March - December 2015
    Market: Netherlands, UK
    Client: AB InBev Netherlands

    Change was in the air for Hertog Jan, a traditional Dutch beer in the AB InBev portfolio. Following the decision to revitalise the brand, the redesign was assigned to one agency and the artwork to K. Although we did not work on the creative part of the relaunch, the artwork delivery on its own presented enough challenges and complexity to keep our hands more than full.

    Our overall task was to ensure that the new look and feel would be print feasible on all possible substrates – white paper, carton, aluminium, plastic, metallic paper and more – while maintaining a maximum degree of colour consistency. With our packaging production experience, we had the right skills and knowledge for achieving print feasibility on all types of substrates, taking the many technical constraints into account for each supplier, and maintaining the consistency of the new look and feel of the brand across the different printed items.

    We delivered eighty artworks in total, along with colour proofing. We also provided on-site first print run assistance to ensure consistency of the design throughout the entire range of products, whatever the print material or quality. Our colour expertise really came to the fore on this project, due to the many compromises that had to be made as part of the process.

    This is because the choice of colour is ultimately subjective: each individual perceives colour in his own way and has a unique vision of how it should be rendered. As we came up with solutions, we often had to reach a consensus among all the stakeholders involved and reconcile different points of view.

    The success of this project came down to the efficient teamwork of all the partners. Not only the client, but the creative agency also expressed appreciation of the constructive, efficient and positive manner in which we contributed to this rewarding collaborative effort.

    Our technical knowledge was put to the test in creating the files according to the technical specifications of all the printers in the world, providing follow-up and technical assistance, and approving all the artworks. Since each market has its own packs and additional products within the range, it was critical to ensure colour consistency across all markets. To this end, we developed a colour kit to assist printers and guarantee consistency across all printing substrates for the entire world. In many cases, our presence was required on site to define and calibrate the colours.

    Overall, the Stella Artois global redesign was an extremely rewarding project that highlighted the need for tight account coordination, given the vast number of people and markets involved and the high volume of artwork. The scope of the project required us to work autonomously and accept a great deal of responsibility and initiative – which is in any case our preferred way of working.