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  • Arconic Merchandise Collection

    Type of work: Creation of online shop, internal communication
    Date: 2016
    Market: Europe

    Arconic was renamed and launched as a standalone company in November 2016. Formerly known as Alcoa, the company has a long-standing history of developing and manufacturing innovative engineering products for the aerospace and automotive industries.

    In order to increase the awareness of the new company name, the Arconic European Communications team decided to set up a centralized, online merchandising shop for Europe. The aim was to offer Arconic employees a wide selection of Arconic quality branded items for use as giveaways during company events, meetings or trade fairs. Employees would also be able to place personal orders at the online shop.

    K also handles the fulfilment of the orders and manages the buffer stock, which is maintained to speed up order processing. We also deliver a monthly report to the Arconic European Communications team with up-to-date information on the orders and key figures.

    The Corporate and Sales Communication department at K was initially responsible for the communication on this project, with the objective of supporting the introduction of the online shop and encouraging Arconic employees to shop there. We started by selecting a range of items from the Arconic collection, and then prepared a starter kit for change agents located at various factories throughout Europe. Eventually we ended up creating the actual online shop in line with the new Arconic brand guidelines.