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    Colour Management

    At K, our state-of-the-art colour proofing tools and colour analysis equipment are inseparable from the skills and expertise we apply to get the most out of them.

    Print Production Assistance

    We offer first print run attendance and competent on-site assistance at printers, overseeing any necessary adaptations and validating print runs.

    POS Communication Material & Production

    An important part of our brand guardianship is to ensure powerful POS communication to consumers. We also apply our artwork and print expertise to in-store materials, delivering the same consistent, high-quality results.

    Photo Studio

    With world-class photographer Jean Gillis under our roof, we deliver images for packaging, POS and corporate and sales communications from K’s own photo studio.

    Digital Tools

    We work with digital tools for workflow management and an online approval platform. These tools allow us to define roles, assign responsibilities, notify stakeholders, gather comments, and acquire approvals and sign-offs. The results: significant time and cost savings and increased efficiency.

    Structural Design & Mock-Ups

    Images are an essential part of communication. To improve aesthetics, colours and style, all photos are adjusted, fine-tuned and optimised in-house by our graphic design team before release.

    E-Catalogue Service

    Are you operating or launching a webshop? K is right there with you. As the guardians of your artwork and branded material, we can quickly access and coordinate the latest visual brand elements for your products and keep your shop up to date.

    Structural design

    Shapes can speak louder than words: Structural design is a key communication tool for leveraging brand equities. At K, this is the starting point for developing new containers in-house, such as bottles, spray bottles and jars in a wide range of materials including glass and PET.

    3D rendering

    Design visualisation has the power to transform visions and concepts into images at various stages in the working process. We provide accurate, high-resolution 3D rendering of our design work using the latest techniques and professional software.

    Prototyping & mock-ups

    Our dedicated prototyping team produces high-quality physical mock-ups for advertising, research, presentations and more. At this level, we consider outstanding mock-up construction as a meticulous craft. Whether we produce five or 5,000, each one is a jewel and a token of exceptional workmanship. Like all our services, prototyping is fast, flexible and reasonably priced.