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  • It might sound incredible – but we really can do it all

    Our creative and technical expertise covers the entire print management chain, enabling us to handle major assignments from start to finish, pick up where another supplier has left off, or fill in any gaps if necessary. This makes us one of the most agile and responsive actors in the print industry.

    K is all about flexibility. Every client has different needs. Our unique adaptability makes anything our clients ask possible. We’ve built our agency and our success on it.

    We are an agency that knows how to achieve outstanding quality without rigid structures and ossified processes, and to maintain rigorous standards without relying on fixed formulas. We care deeply about our work and about producing excellent results.

    Over the years, the demands of our clients have shaped our organic growth and encouraged us to develop our expertise and resources and increase the depth and scope of our capabilities. This is also reflected in the way we manage our agency – you won’t find a lot of complex hierarchies and bureaucracy at K. Our flexible mindset keeps us very close to our clients and open to their needs and ways of doing things.

    Our exceptional ability to adapt and respond has led to the development of real, long lasting partnerships, positive working relationships and a high level of satisfaction.

    Since the beginning, K has always gone the extra mile. It’s how we became what we are now: a premier print management agency that major global clients have come to depend on for many years, offering a high volume capacity, specialised in-house resources and a broad portfolio of related services – all at competitive prices.

    We’ve gotten to where we are by doing our very best for the very best: demanding clients who expect the highest standards in terms of quality, efficiency, flexibility and advanced technical capabilities. We provide satisfying solutions, no matter what the assignment. No request is beyond us, and no task is beneath us. Whatever your requirements, we make it work. It’s simply in our nature.


    K began in 1982 as one of the early producers of holograms. The path we took to becoming a major packaging design, artwork and print management agency was one of organic growth, nurtured by innovation and our clients’ changing needs.

    Founded in Brussels, Belgium in 1982, K took root as one of the early producers of holograms for an eclectic range of artistic and industrial applications. As our client base grew, we expanded our services to address very diverse needs, ranging from sophisticated trade fair stand design and construction to photography. The agency branched out into photoengraving, advertising, and print and colour proofing, acquiring an increasing array of competences and prestigious international clients along the way. For them and with them we made the transition to artwork, pre-press and large-scale implementation.

    K has always grown around its clients, responding to their needs by creating new services and investing in the right technologies, including top quality graphic equipment, hardware, and high performance IT systems and security. This organic growth is nurtured by an innovative, solution-oriented mindset and driven by evolving industry standards, and our clients’ changing needs and geographical expansion. Today, K is a full-service international network with four locations: the headquarters in Brussels and offices in Budapest, Miami and New York City.

    Meet the team

    We have solutions in mind and the tools in our hands.

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    Our multilingual team of over 50 people serves as a living memory for many of our long-standing clients, providing a deeply rooted continuity for their brands all over the world. With our many years in the business, we combine a senior level of industry expertise and in-depth experience in a vast range of sectors with a strong sense of commitment, fairness and readiness to respond. Our approach – based on innovative solutions, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness – has earned us enormous trust and a history of outstanding client loyalty. No matter where you are, the people at K are always there for you.

    15 spoken languages


    It is an absolute privilege to be considered a true partner to our clients. It is something we have earned by fulfilling their expectations and serving them with excellence and enthusiasm over many years. Most of our clients have rewarded us with their loyalty and the opportunity to sustain long-term partnerships with them. It is all about successful collaboration, mutual trust, and the pleasure of working together.

    K Creation is a true partner for many years that is always available, thinks with the business, is proactive, reliable and fast.  It feels like they’re part of ABI and that’s exactly how client-agency relationship should be.

    KC has been a PepsiCo partner for over a decade and for all the right reasons. It is not just another design studio but a true strategic partner that works creatively, passionately and professionally to ensure that our brands visual identity resonates with their DNA.

    In my role as the Lipton European Marketing Manager (2014-2016), I really depended on K-Creation speed of thought, flexibility and solution-oriented approach to drive projects which were often on accelerated development timelines. I was also always impressed by the engagement of people working at the agency ensuring a high level of execution across several markets. Finally, I felt that they were true partners in safeguarding and nurturing our Brand Design values