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  • Your brands, our partnership: here’s to us!

    You won’t find a more flexible agency for your packaging artwork and print management needs – or a better home for your brands.

    who we are

    K is a one-stop print management agency offering a vast range of high quality packaging design, artwork and pre-press services. Historically our expertise developed through our work in the FMCG sector on categories such as beverages, home care and food products.

    As we acquired more clients, our knowledge base, experience and capabilities expanded to cover additional sectors. During the course of our growth, we established specialized in-house resources including colour management, photography, prototyping and more, giving us the ultimate flexibility in terms of service and timing.

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    artwork per year
    K offers a vast range of high quality services and specialized in-house resources.

    K life

    New CAN printer machine

    State-of-the-art UV technology printer in the house! Our new INX CP800 prints right on the can, delivering perfectly consistent colours in a full range of finishes – for the most accurate proofs ever.

    Click To Discover Our New Vibrant Mural Painting !

    Brand New Roland VS-540i – Print & Cut

    We’re really excited to announce the addition of a brand new Roland VS-540i to our equipment park, taking over from our Kodak Approval NX2. This state-of-the-art printer/cutter from Roland’s VersaCAMM VSi series has eight inkjets that print directly on the substrate or via transfer for specific materials. It can also print opaque white on all substrates and even simulate a raster on cans.

    The VS-540i is highly versatile and can run a wide range of materials such as metal, carton, paper, adhesives and vinyl, in gloss or matt finish. It can also emulate 95% of the Pantone colours, with excellent simulations of all hues and shades of gold and silver.

    With its cut and trace capabilities, the Roland has accelerated our processes and revolutionised the way we create mock-ups, including sleeves and shrinks. Faster and cheaper to operate, it is an efficient, cost-effective tool for our clients’ print proofs and prototypes, and already the hero among our printers.